Detained Insight Reporter Found

13 Jul
Detained Insight Reporter Found

A man has admitted arresting and detaining the reporter of the Insight News paper who took pictures of the Adjirigarno residence of ex-President Rawlings.

He would not mention his name but told the improvised host of Joy FM super Morning Show host, Israel Laryea that he accosted Dauda Mohammed as a concerned citizen.

Dauda Mohammed was said to have been kidnapped Monday afternoon by unknown men after he took pictures of ex-president Rawlings’ residence.

But the man said he did not kidnap the reporter, he only questioned him to find out the reason behind his taking of the photographs.

Dauda Mohammed after allegedly escaping from his captors came to the studious of Joy FM with his colleague Duke to narrate how the whole incident occurred.

According to Dauda they had taken a decision to take a photograph of the said residence to complete a story about the ‘homelessness’ of the ex-first family.

Sensing the adventure could go wrong, it was decided that Duke will be at a distance whilst Dauda took pictures of the residence.

Dauda said after he had finished taking his photographs and was just about living, he was stopped by an unknown man who had a knife strapped to his belt in a four wheel drive who ordered him to enter into the vehicle.

He said he took to his heels and was given a hot chase by the men until he was hit with a bicycle by another man who thought he was a thief, only then was he arrested.

He said he was driven to a place he suspects is an office and was questioned by his captors. They had wanted to find out who he was, where the camera was and why he was taking the photographs.

Dauda said he pretended not to understand any other language and spoke only his native language.

Not getting any information from him, Dauda said they left him alone in the room for a while.

According to Dauda he was so afraid of the deafening silence and loneliness. Luckily for him, the door was unlocked and managed to escape, he narrated.

He would not tell where he left the camera or what his native language is when he was quizzed by Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah host of the Super Morning Show.

Duke who was watching the whole incident from a distance said he quickly reported the case to police.

He had equally been shattered with the turn of events.


In the middle of the interview, a man who claimed to be one of the men who arrested Dauda said it was a citizen’s act and not an act of kidnap.

He preferred to speak Ga which necessitated an improvised host, Israel Laryea who understands the language more than Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah to take over the show briefly.

The man who would also not mention his name said he was suspicious of Dauda after seeing him take the photographs and decided to question him.

Given recent allegations that the ex-president was responsible for torching his own residence, the ‘good samaritan’ said he suspects Dauda could be up to mischief and probably had a bomb in his bag strapped behind him to detonate the Adjirigarno residence.

He decided to question him, but Dauda took to his heels making him feel suspicious all the more.

He said they managed to arrest Dauda after the bicycle incident and questioned him thereafter.

He confirmed that Dauda could not speak any language, but denied ever kidnapping him into a room.

He said they questioned him under a tree but left him after they failed to get any information from him.


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