Medical Doctor: H1N1 Vaccines Are Safe

15 Jul
Medical Doctor: H1N1 Vaccines Are Safe

Dr. Tetteh Odjija, a medical practitioner at the Tema General hospital has said Ghanaians should not shy away from the H1N1 vaccines as is happening currently.

He said vaccines in general come with their own side effects but did not mean people should shy away. He stated some of the side effects reported as malaria-like symptoms, mild headaches, body pains, diarrhoea and some few others but said these side effects go away after a few days.

Dr. Odjija, who was speaking in a telephone interview with Focus FM’s Bernard Buachi, said the vaccines have been through so many tests and have been consequently approved as being safe and potent for the prevention of the H1N1 virus.

Earlier, vox pops Focus news conducted indicated that a lot of the residents in Kumasi would rather play it “safe” and not have anything to do with the H1N1 vaccines. Many residents raised concerns that had been relayed to them by friends and family who had had negative experiences with the vaccine after taking the shot. There were others who were obviously oblivious of the existence of any such vaccine.

Source: Bernard Buachi/Focus FM

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One response to “Medical Doctor: H1N1 Vaccines Are Safe

  1. Bro James Tetteh-Odjija

    28 April, 2012 at 21:18

    I’m in Ada College of Education and bearing the same surname with you,please Doctor,I would like to see and know you.My cont: 0245002424.


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