The Culture of Beads in Ghana

23 Jul
The Culture of Beads in Ghana

Beads is one of the Rich and never-fading assets of the Ghanaian Culture, Focus news takes a look at it in this ever-changing technological days of our time

Bead is a decorative hard object usually pierced for stringing and comes in various shapes and sizes. Beads can be strung with special threads to produce artifacts like bangles, necklaces, earrings and even foot wears in the Ghanaian set-up. Bead is locally produced at Krobo [somanya] in the Eastern region.

Speaking to Focus News, Maame Grace Owusu of Central Market who has been in the beads trade for over ten years enlightens us on the issue of beads. She made it known that bead is made from a mixture of clay and broken bottles with various colorants and passed through fire.

Beads do not have any special names; she said but comes in various qualities, especially those made long ago. When questioned on the price variations, Maame Grace told focus news that the colors applied in making the bead is the main determiner of the price as they are imported. Asking on how the beads are faring in these technological days where our local assets are referred to as ‘colo’ by youth, maame grace said that though beads are expensive as compared long ago, patronage is very encouraging especially by the youth. She also made it known that beads can be used for every occasion but really depends on the color and most importantly bright colors for joyous moments and dark colors for sad events.

She also made it known that beads distinguished a particular clan from the other in the Ghanaian cultural set-up and that, ‘Ekuona’ clan of the Akan is characterized by the use of beads for both sexes. Still speaking to the News crew, she said that beads broadens the woman’s hips and makes her buttocks heavy and also differentiate a man from a woman .Women look very pretty  especially with some Kente or traditional prints , she confirmed. Comparing morality on the use of beads today and long ago, Maame Grace said she feels bitter as young ladies of today do not dress properly as it is only your husband who the authority to see your beads. He added that beads will never fade out. Bartholomew, a shoemaker also made it known that the beads are also used for foot wears and hats.

Source: Joyce Tachie-Mensah/Focus FM

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