Feature: The state of our roads

24 Jul
Feature: The state of our roads

The state of our roads cannot be underestimated in the development of the country. The development of the nation cannot be realized without good roads in place, to convey goods and people from one place to the other. The effort by past and current governments to solve this problem has not been enough and a critical look needs to be taken into curbing this problem.

The NPP government, though made it a major concern to improve the road network in the country, numerous food crops ranging from vegetables, fruits, tuber and cereals get rotten in the rural areas due to bad roads. Without good roads in place, it will be impossible to convey food crops to the market centers. The numerous initiatives by the government such as: the youth in Agric programme will be in vain without good roads.

Motorists are yet to get the value for their money on the recent increase in toll booth fees from 6% to 12%. A lot more needs to be done about the maintenance of old roads and the provision of new ones.

In an interview with the road and highway minister, Mr. Joe Gidisu, he confirmed that ‘Plans are being made to introduce new toll booths on the Accra – Kumasi road, the Kumasi – Techiman road and the Kumasi – Kintampo road to increase the road fund. Plans are being made to provide new traffic lights and repair old ones all over the country’.

Talking of challenges his ministry is facing, he said that limited funds, poor supervision of work, poor attitudes of road contractors as well as motorists are major hindrances to his ministry. He finally advised motorists to stop the habit of using by-passers as alternative routes whenever a toll-booth is introduced on our roads.

By Jones Acheampong/Focus FM

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