Health Experts Worried At High Birth Rate

29 Jul
Health Experts Worried At High Birth Rate

Dunkwa-On Offin is tagged as a child loving community. Not because they have baby friendly facilities, but the average woman can bear as many as nine children.

Medical practitioners worry the trend is worsening maternal mortality.

Statistics indicates that, fertility rate in the central region is around 5.6 per cent.

The high fertility rate means most families have little or no control over the number of children they make.

Family planning, the doctor regretted is not popular in the area; this has over a period, made the family planning unit of the hospital redundant.

Community meetings to sensitize the public were badly attended so door to door visits emerged the best alternative.

But even that has not made things any better.

Despite the high fertility rate, antenatal attendance dropped from 450 in 2008 to 110 last year.

Between January and June this year, the hospital has recorded 12 antenatal visits.

Doctors worry the trend could worsen an already sad maternal mortality rate.

Despite their worries about the curve, the district director of health worries the maternity department per its logistics is not up to the task.

From a previous fifteen beds, the maternity depart has only ten now. This pushes administrators to run a first come first serve basis, a condition they maintain does not augur well for quality health delivery.

The regional health directorate is claimed to be working feverishly to turn things around, but prayed for individual and corporate assistance as well.

Source: TV3

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