Church Leader Speaks Against Legalising Homosexuality

06 Aug
Church Leader Speaks Against Legalising Homosexuality

HomosexualityThe Moderator of the Global Evangelical Church Right Reverend Dr E.K Gbordzoe has warned government not to heed to calls by certain individuals to consider legalizing homosexuality in Ghana.

According to him, such calls or the thought of it is an affront to the beliefs of the country and goes contrary to Christianity.

In recent times debate on homosexuality in the country has heightened with some individuals and groups calling for a debate on the issue rather than dismissing it outright.

Whilst some people consider the subject as a human rights issue, others are averse to it describing it as alien to the Ghanaian culture and way of living.

Reverend Gbordzoe says the use of Human Rights as a means of justifying the need to legalize homosexuality is reckless and unjustifiable.

Reverend Dr. EK Gbordzoe made the pronouncement at the opening of the 69th Synod of the Global Evangelical Church in Accra on Thursday August 5.

Commenting on a wide range of issues, the moderator also advised Christians to be wary of their actions and live the tenets of Christianity.

He also called on the church to embark of vigorous evangelism as a way of correcting the wrongs of society.

Lamenting on the effects of moral degradation on the Ghanaian society and the need for the church to help fight the canker, Reverend Gbordzoe said calls for debate on whether to legalize homosexuality or not are reckless and must not to be tolerated.

‘‘We urge the government not to heed to any external and internal pressure to promote human rights that are foreign and inimical to the moral and spiritual health of our country. In this regard, we wish to condemn attempts by some individuals to promote homosexuality in Ghana. Homosexuality is an abomination which invites the wrath of God. It must not be tolerated’’ he said.

Reverend Gbordzoe urged President Mills not to relent on his drive to instill discipline in his government so as to safeguard the nation’s resources.

‘‘We urge you to be unrelenting in your strive to instill discipline in our resources including the environment. We advocate that the philosophy that guides as a nation especially our leaders should not be forgotten. We urge that greed which leads to corruption should be removed from all levels of Ghanaians society, from the grassroots to the leadership. Finally, we urge the law enforcement agencies and the Judiciary to administer justice without fear or favor’’ he stated.

In his speech to the congregation, President Mills also challenged church leaders to redeem the image of Christianity to promote the ‘Better Ghana Agenda’.

The President expressed concern about religious leaders reported to be engaged in ungodly acts such as fraud and rape that have dented the image of the Church.

“We as Christians dare not fail, let us march on as Christian soldiers and fight to redeem the image of the Church. I am therefore appealing to church leaders in particular to lead by example to glorify our Father who is in heaven.”

The President said the onus lies on religious leaders and their followers to live lifestyles that would promote the ‘Better Ghana Agenda’.

“The Better Ghana Agenda should not be left to us politicians, church leaders and indeed the Christians have key roles to play in ensuring that we achieve the better Ghana Agenda” he noted.


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