Economics Flaws History in First Round of SOCIOSO Inter-programme Debate

27 Sep
Economics Flaws History in First Round of SOCIOSO Inter-programme Debate

Economics Students Association - KNUST

In what could be described by many as a fierce battle, Economics, last Friday, booted History out of the debates organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The debaters from Economics, who were armed with their jargons, projected their argument in favour of the topic “The private sector is the main engine for national development,” winning the hearts of the five post graduate students to gain 411 points ahead of History which pulled 379 points.
The Group D’s debate also saw English silencing Sociology with 419 against 367 points.

The Sociology representatives could not gather their facts to defend the motion that “Colonialism and Imperialism are the cause of Africa’s under development.” Though English was sure to carry the day, they took solace in their last supporting speaker to seal the win.

In Group A and C , which was made up of French, Politics and Geography, Religious Studies respectively, French and Geography failed to appear thereby giving Politics and Religious Studies a walkover into the semi-finals.

Students from Akan and Tourism, who were solicitous at pouring out their support, were disappointed as their debaters did to show up.
The president of the faculty, Mr. Samuel Sagoe, said the faculty is moving away from entertainment to academic oriented programmes and underscored the need for Social Scientists to take active part in the next rounds of the debate.

The next round of debates comes off on Friday, October 1 where Politics takes on Economics in another fierce battle. Religious Studies is expected to debate English.

The winners from the two groups proceed to the finals.

By Bright Habita

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