YPP to solve Ghana’s Housing problems

28 Sep

A newly formed political party, the Young People’s Party (YPP) says about 95% to 98% of Ghana’s housing units are made of mud.
According to its founder, Mr. Anim Kofi Addo, Ghana is in dire need of housing units and the YPP is poised to providing four bedroom homes for Ghanaians when voted to man the affairs of this nation.
Mr. Addo, who was speaking on Focus fm in KNUST, Kumasi, said they will provide furniture, Television and fridge in the leaving room. The bedroom will also have a bed, a mattress and a bed sheet but their government will not provide pillows. All this, he added, will cost GHc 10, 000 payable over 50 years.
The founder hinted that the problems with housing in Ghana has to do with the initial capital required to build a house and this is insurmountable adding that the emergence of YPP into the Ghana’s political scene will solve the problem.
YPP, which is not an offspring of any party and a capitalist with social conscience, has the motto “Eye YPP, eye ti na fa,” meaning “It is YPP, pay for it and own it.”
The party believes that the ownership of the Ghanaian economy should be given back to Ghanaians.
Other policies of this embryonic party are free education and prime on the agenda is the building and expansion of the national railways system using the “TY concept.”

By: Bright Habita

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