CPP should form alliance with NPP – Nana Akomea

04 Oct

Member of Parliament for Okaikwei South Hon. Nana Akomea has urged the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) to pull out of merger talks with the Peoples National Convention (PNC) and humbly join forces with the largest opposition New Patriotic Party to wrestle power from the ruling NDC.

The ex-Employment Minister said previous attempts by the two parties to unite in the last decade has almost turned farcical adding that the only option for the CPP is to form an alliance with the NPP which would offer them a better platform.

“In the last decade or so we have seen various attempts to unify the so-called Nkrumaist front…I am sympathetic to them but what is going has almost been like a comedy show, it’s been farcical, these are parties propheting the Nkrumaist tradition. You have just a couple of seats in a 230 seat parliament and instead of being embarrassed about that and putting all your efforts to unify because even when you unify you can’t achieve that much you still can’t achieve that unity”.

“You look at the personalities involved, the young Bernard Mornah, Prof Akosa, Kwesi Nduom huge personalities in their own rights and the little matter of achieving unity between their very little parties they cannot achieve it…it is almost becoming a farce”.

The PNC and the CPP in the last decade have tried frantic efforts to unite to form a formidable Nkrumaist front to become a strong political winning machine but several attempts to unite have ended in disarray.

Hon. Nana Akomea told Citi FM on Saturday, October 2, that the political space previously occupied by the CPP has been taken by the NDC and the only alternative for the CPP is to form a strong alliance with the NPP.

“The big alternative of the CPP is to join forces with the NPP, not forces in the sense of joining the NPP but forming some alliance with the NPP that can give them a good shot of diminishing the NDC so that the political space will become available but as long as that space is being taken over by the two dominant forces that is the NDC and NPP there is no way the CPP is going to become a great force because even the small unity they can’t achieve it”.

Meanwhile, the General Secretary of the PNC Bernard Morah has denied any involvements in trying to sabotage the unity of the CPP and the PNC.

The TODAY newspaper in its Thursday edition reported that Bernard Mornah, General Secretary of the PNC and its National Chairman, Alhaji Ramadan are involved in covert moves to undermine the unity talks between the two parties.

However, Bernard Mornah told Citi FM that he was sad that anybody or group of persons would attribute what he described as useless and irresponsible orchestration and statement to him.

He chided the editor of the TODAY newspaper for publishing falsehood just to dent his reputation.

“I am ashamed by that Youngman, Ato Keelsen, who could go about with such nasty publications about something I have spoken about that it was not true. I am not the least interested in such ugly statements. My activism, right from school days from UCC to date, everybody knows and I am saying that we can achieve unity; I have been championing, I have led young people to ensure that we unite our two parties but let’s do it in an arena of decorum, dignity and respect for each other”.

Source:Citi Fm

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