KSM goes public with son’s drug addiction

04 Oct
KSM goes public with son’s drug addiction

The number 1 comedianAce Ghanaian satirist/actor/TV personality, Kweku Sintim-Misa alias KSM had his most revealing interview yet, when he publicly spoke about his son’s drug addiction for the first time ever on The One Show on Viasat 1.

KSM told Joselyn Dumas, host of the One Show, that he was devastated with his son’s addiction to Cannabis and the torturous low-points that came with it. He said that although he had restrained from talking about it publicly, he believes that it was high time he spoke out about the ordeal in order to make Ghanaians aware of the dangers of drug abuse.

According to KSM, his son who lives in the US was brought to Ghana for treatment and with the help of a family doctor; they were able to clean him up. KSM commented that his son responded well to the treatment and is back in the US, schooling. He also hoped that his son would not get pulled back into the addiction. The comedian hinted that his son’s addiction may have resulted from his split with his wife and the catastrophic battle for custody that ensued.

KSM revealed that he had shared custody over his two sons with his ex-wife and when the boys came to Ghana to visit their father, they fell in love with the place and didn’t want to go back. However, his wife reported him to the US authorities, leading to him being listed on Interpol for parental kidnapping. According to KSM he is still wanted in the US for those charges but he assured the public that his lawyers are working tirelessly to rectify the situation. He said that, as a result of the charges, he is unable to travel to the US.

Tuesday night’s episode of The One Show was really emotional for the comedian who also revealed that he is to meet his 18-year old daughter for the first time this Christmas. According to KSM, he was so shocked when he spoke to the said daughter, who also lives in the US, on phone for the first time. He was heart-broken when his daughter referred to him as Mr Sintim-Misa.

He admitted that he was naughty during his first marriage; he had an extra-marital affair leading to the birth of his unknown daughter. He also added that he had seen pictures of his daughter, and she bears a striking resemblance to him. KSM has 5 children and he adds that, he is very proud of each one of them.


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