17 Nov


The Kwame Nkrumah University Science Technology (KNUST) SRC Judicial Chairman, Mr. Emmanuel Kofi Owusu has been vindicated by a five member judicial committee ruling following a case of suspension brought up against him late October.
Mr. Owusu had been accused by two students, who petitioned the SRC president, Mr. Yaw Oduro Amoah, of meddling in the College of Art and Social Sciences (CASS) by-elections and the appointment of Judicial Chairman for University Hall (Katanga).
The SRC president, with reference to the petition, acted accordingly by setting up a committee to look into the petition for the removal of the JC.
However, Merss Kwamina Mensah and Philip Edem Kutsienyo on November 2 petitioned the office of the Judicial Chairman seeking for an order of injunction against the work of the committee to look into the petition for the removal of the JC and a certiorari to suspend the JC adding that the President has no power to suspend him.
The five member judicial committee chaired by Mr. Osei Barimah Onesimus on November 6 quashed all the reliefs sought after by the petitioners and consequently upheld an order of certiorari quashing the suspension of Mr. Owusu.
The four page ruling gave an order of prohibition restraining the SRC President from carrying out any of the unconstitutional acts so declared in the judgment in the future.
The ruling also quashed the committee set up by the president to investigate the allegations against the SRC JC.
During the ruling, the Legal Affairs Commissioner of the SRC, Mr. Nana Kwesi Awuah raised an objection that the committee has no jurisdiction to hear the matter on the sole reason that the SRC JC who empanelled had been suspended but the petitioners, who represented themselves, over ruled his objection saying that Mr. Awuah is jumping the gun if he concluded that the JC had been validly suspended.
According to Merss Mensah and Kutsienyo, the core issue is the validity of the suspension; therefore one cannot conclude that the purported suspension is effective.

By: Bright Habita

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