NDC releases funky weeds T-shirt

11 Dec
NDC releases funky weeds T-shirt

A group calling itself the organized youth of Ashanti is getting ready to outdoor T-shirts with the image of someone who sources say, looks like NPP flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo with the inscription 1960 Weed Funky Days.

This is in a direct reaction to the T-shirts released by the youth wing of the opposition New Patriotic Party which had phrases and words attributed to some members of the ruling National Democratic Congress.

One of those behind the new T-shirts, Kwesi Ofori Agyemang who spoke to Luv FM’s Elton John-Brobbey said “we have been encouraged by the NPP General Secretary to create humour in the Ghanaian [body] politic and use it to create fun and I think we also have creativity within us in the NDC and we can also respond appropriately and create some amount of humour so that we can all enjoy.”

Mr Agyemang however says he does not know if the image on the T-Shirt which he describes as a “cartoon” looks like Nana Addo adding the T-shirts are in high demand in some parts of the country as a result of how humorous they are.

But the national youth organizer of the NDC Ludwig Hlodze who has described the actions of the NPP youth wing as ‘irresponsible’ has urged the youth in the NDC to hold their guns and not be pushed into retaliating to such actions.

“I asked the young people in the NDC to be disciplined and show the path for responsibility,” he told Joy News.

He explained that commitments both sides of the political divide have made in the past to promote a clean political campaign and has been derailed by the actions of the NPP but indicated that the NDC does not condone such actions from its party members.

“We are appealing to those who have plans to come out with similar T-shirts and those who are already in the pipeline of printing to hold their fire. We should continue to show maturity on our side as a disciplined political party.”

The national youth organizer of the NPP, Anthony Karbo, however says his colleagues on the other side must have misconstrued the essence of their “Ecomini T-shirt”.

He said the NPP does not intend to use insults in its political endeavours but warned that if the NDC goes ahead with such derogatory campaigns “we will give them the measure they are looking for.”

Mr. Karbo indicated that the issues captured on the ‘Ecomini T-shirts’ are issues that cut across all political parties and not necessarily targeted at the NDC.

He stated that they had not done anything new with the introduction of those T-shirts but that they have just introduced a new dimension into something that radio presenters and musicians have been talking about for some time now, stressing “we have not opened any Pandora’s box with respect to these things that are happening.”

He sent a strong signal that the T-shirt saga is not abating anytime soon; “If our friends on the other side want to [present our] flagbearer in that context, I can tell you [that] the exchanges between Ato Ahwoi and Herbert Mensah is enough for us to latch on to.”

Mr Mensah is reported to have said that Mr Ato Ahwoi – an adviser to the president – had confided in him that the president has been hallucinating.

That, Mr Karbo believes, can be played against the president if the NDC group attempts to play it dirty by attacking the integrity of the NPP flag-bearer.

Source: Joy Online

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