08 Jan

National Democratic Congress

The President’s recent Cabinet reshuffle should “bring back the hopes of the majority of Ghanaians who will want to see the bad deeds of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) exposed”.

The Ashanti regional secretary of the NDC, Joseph Yammin made the comment when focus news called him this week from Lebanon where he is at the moment to comment on the President’s recent Cabinet reshuffle.

“Betty’s move to the Education ministry is a good one even though some would have thought she will have best served as a foreign affairs minister, better still as a teacher herself and the experience as a lawyer will impact positively on the ministry whiles her former post given to a former deputy of the same ministry and a prosecuting lawyer will bring back the hopes of majority of Ghanaians who will want to see the bad deeds of he NPP exposed, this move can’t be said to be a bad one”, he said.

The regional scribe of the ruling party says the reshuffle is in the right direction towards the achievement of the “Better Ghana Agenda” of the NDC.

He adds that the best move so far is the movement of the eastern regional minister Ofosu Ampofu to the local government ministry, adding that “as a former organizer he will best serve the interest of the party as he is currently in charge of the MMDCE, with the help of Elvis Ankrah, a former deputy general secretary”.

“ The ministry which is to be occupied by politicians will definitely have real politicians whipping up the morale of the MMDCES who sometimes lack direction as far as political issues are concerned”, he added.

He lamented about great apathy in the “settlers” votes within the Ashanti region, emphasizing the need do anything that needs to be done to bring back hope and life to these people since they formed the bulk of the NDC’s strength in that region.

Asked whether the reshuffle in his opinion was necessary at all, Mr, Yammin stated that it was absolutely necessary to bring some energy into the government.

He adds that “Political parties are made up of so many people and so during the mandated period of governance, some other persons should be brought on board to strengthen the force of the government and the party”.

Meanwhile, some critics of the ruling National Democratic Congress have downplayed the President’s Cabinet reshuffle with some people calling it musical chairs among other names.

-Bernard Buachi

Focus fm, Kumasi.

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