16 Jan

The radio industry has since time immemorial not been so stable and for one or more reasons, radio presenters, djs and industry players have moved from one station to the other and even retired from the game. One of these big guns in the industry in Kumasi, DJ Slim is no exception to this experience.Until 2009, he worked for Focus fm, a campus radio station based on KNUST Campus. He later joined radio Xtacy where most of the youth saw him as an icon due to his skill behind the turnatbles.He has also till now remained the official dj of the music duo,Bradez and has even featured on their version of Donaeo’s party hard which made waves during the Christams.
Although DJ Slim might not have left Focus fm on quite an understanding bases, he returned to Focus fm 94.3Mhz with a show titled “Sound CheQ” which airs every Friday from 7pm till 8:30pm after the collapse of Radio Xtacy. Following him on his facebook page, he says ” I’M COMING HOME, I KNOW MY KINGDOM AWAITS AND THEY HAVE 4GIVEN ME OF MY SINS SO I’M COMING HOME.”
On his maiden edition of the show on Focus fm last Friday, DJ Slim said “It’s good to be back home” and as a result played a song titled “Coming home” by Dirty money.In an exclusive interview, he asked that his fans continue to support him as they had done through out the years and expect much fireworks from him but until then, “Its DJ Slim Peweezle on the mix”.

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Posted by on 16 January, 2011 in ENTERTAINMENT, GENERAL, KNUST, WORLD



  1. cobby fresh

    25 January, 2011 at 13:20

    Akwaaba Big boss. We hope u be @ ur best.


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