Queen Elizabeth II Hall poised to re-write History

03 Feb
Queen Elizabeth II Hall poised to re-write History

The Queen Elizabeth II hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is leaving no stone unturned to redefine itself and erase the erroneous impression that its hall week celebrations is always a fiasco.
Residents of this hall, also called Royals, over the years, have heavily laid strictures on their executives for lacking creativity and for organizing pedestrian and insipid hall weeks robbing residents of the value for their money.
As a mixed hall, some of the male residents have denied their affiliation to the hall due to its jejune nature. Male residents have also suffered incessant mockery for parading themselves as Royals.
Many have suggested that it should be converted to all female like the Queen Elizabeth II hall in the University of Ibadan in Nigeria.
Last year during its 50 anniversary, which many had expected to celebrate it with pomp and pageantry, the story was not different with some continuing students wailing that the hall has gone mad again.
The hall, which was opened by the Duke of Edinburgh in November 1959 and named after Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain becomes the cynosure during the Royal Gathering; a programme which brings all proud Royals to celebrate and reminisce the wedding ceremony of Prince Charles.
Though the week celebration will be in March, attires for the week activities and school uniforms of Senior High Schools have already been displayed on the hall’s notice board. Banners, poster, flyers have also flooded the hall.
Residents, this semester, were welcome by a digital banner with the inscription “Bak to Skuul,” a programme which enables students to reminisce the Senior High School days.
Last semester, a seven member committee was formed to plan activities of the hall week coupled with the acquisition of Public Address systems will also add taste to the menu.
As the hall turns 51 this semester, residents are expecting unprecedented programmes with smiles and hope that the hall will see better days.

Bright Habita
Focus fm, KNUST

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One response to “Queen Elizabeth II Hall poised to re-write History

  1. MAN

    13 February, 2011 at 07:30

    It comes to me as a shock that Queens Hall is earned an infamous name regarding Hall weeks. IN the 80s and 90s, Queens was the envy of every Student on campus. The Hall was called ‘pεkyεε’, meaning: sweet, adorable and admirable. The hall organized one of the best weeks on campus and everyone was proud to be there.I don’t think changing the Hall’s status to an all female hall solves the problems of the ingenuity and creativity of the current generation. What happens to the men who have passed through the Hall after the change? I think the current generation of Royals have lost their Royal essence. Go back to the history books and rediscover where your roots were planted. It is only when you have discovered where you came from, will you have a better perspective of the future. Good luck and arise to lift the shame of the name ‘Royals’


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