Rampaging Burkinabe soldiers attack Ghanaian traders

19 Apr

Rampaging soldiers in Burkina Faso are said to be attacking Ghanaian traders at the Ghana-Burkina Faso border.

The soldiers allegedly robbed the traders of cash possessions, Monday evening, Joy News has learnt.

It follows a mutiny by the soldiers in protest against unpaid housing allowance by the Burkinabe government.

The government has declared a state of emergency to manage the state of insecurity in the country, but the soldiers have turned their anger on other nationals.

Joy News’ Joseph Osei reported that calm has returned to places like Dakola and Poh which are close to the Ghana/Burkina Faso border.

The soldiers, he said, were moving from one community to the other terrorising the residents.

According to him, so serious were the attacks that CEPS officials at the Ghana border had to vacate their post.

He said Ghana’s Ambassador to Burkina Faso fell victim to the attacks after he had his car seized by the rampaging soldiers.

The soldiers, he explained, had just returned from Ivory Coast on a peace keeping mission but have been denied several amounts of money promised them by their government.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/

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One response to “Rampaging Burkinabe soldiers attack Ghanaian traders

  1. Pianki

    22 April, 2011 at 14:12

    This country President Blaise Compaore , who has been said was a co-cospirator in Thomas Sankara murder, has named himself Defense Minister. This is yet another example of how these former French Colonies are corrupt and impoverished to the bone. For these Franco-Phone countries to be under the Yoke of the CFA Pact and France continuing control of their currencies is demonic at less. These soildiers should show their frustrations towards their leaders and not common poor people who has nothing to do with the policies. They should also boycott French made and produced products too.


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