29 Jun

Fire FighterThe Head of Public Relations of the Ghana Fire Service, Mr. Samuel Sowah Oblejumah, has urged school authorities to make sure that the necessary fire safety measures are put in place to protect lives of children and properties.

He also said Parent Teacher Association (PTAs) of all schools have a duty to ensure that school buildings were provided with alternative stairs so that in case of any emergency, school children could escape through them to safety.

Mr. Oblejumah who made the call in an interview in the wake of recent fire outbreaks which had claimed the lives of children, said PTAs should also ensure that schools had adequate space where the children could gather and be counted after they had come out of a building on fire.

He explained that whiles some schools had this facility, which formed part of the fire safety measures, others did not have any whatsoever.

He said LI 1724 (fire precaution premises) regulation 2003 required owners of specified buildings, including schools to apply to the service for permits to ensure that the necessary fire safety measures were part of the drawing for their buildings before they were permitted to begin construction works.

After the completion of the buildings, he said the law required them to apply for fire safety certificates.

Unfortunately, mr. oblejumah said some school owners were not complying with this regulation, adding that such schools risked being closed down by the service and the police after verbal and written cautions to them had failed to yield results.

He said children who had access to telephones could also call the Fire Service emergency lines which are 192 and 0302 772446.

Source: Junior Graphic

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