01 Aug

GFAExecutive Committee members of the Ghana Football Association receive 400 Ghana cedis (US$ 260) each as sitting allowance, spokesperson Randy Abbey has confirmed.

Last week’s intense battle for seats onto the 22-man body during election also fueled suggestions that there were lucrative financial benefits for its members.

Critics say members of the executive committee have been accused of pocketing large sums of cash and used it as a money making venture.

“Executive Committee members receive GH 400 in sitting allowance when we meet,” Abbey told TV3’s weekly football celebrity program, The Diva Show.

“People think we receive hefty amounts of money at the GFA but that is totally not the case.

“I am however happy with the image of the FA in the eyes of the public because it wasn’t so in some few years past.”

Abbey, who retained his seat on the executive committee in a fiercely contested election, claims he never received a penny for acting as FA spokesperson.

“I have not received a penny for the past five years for my work as the media officer for the FA,” he added.

Source: Ghanasoccernet

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