08 Aug


The leader and founder of the United Renaissance Party (URP), Kofi Wayo, has condemned the practice of homosexualism which is rearing its ugly head in the Ghanaian society.

Chuck, as he is popularly called, admitted that God created men and women to be sexual partners to procreate but never intended that people of the same sex should have conjugal relationships.

“God created Adam and Eve; he did not create Adam and Job, which means God is telling us that a woman should be a man’s partner and not another man,” the maverick politician bewailed.

He disclosed this in an interview with Kumasi based radio station, Focus FM on the ‘Brunch Time’ with Kwame Poku (DJ Scientific) Wednesday August 3, 2010.

In reaction to the legalisation of the practice, the URP leader stated emphatically that homosexualism should not be legalised in Ghana because it is not normal. He was quick to add that homosexuals are human beings and should be treated with respect.

“The vast majority of Ghanaians are heterosexuals and homosexuals should not impose their will on the society. Nevertheless, you have to understand that they are human beings and we can’t just go and kill them or mistreat them in anyway”. He added.

Kofi Wayo therefore thinks a thorough research should be done on homosexualism due to the complexity of its nature. This he believes will help society to manage the situation in a better way.

By David Apinga, Focus FM, KNUST, Kumasi

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  1. Pianki

    8 August, 2011 at 12:06

    Ghana should admend it’s Constuitution to recognise marriage as between a male and a female(s). Ghana should do this if not western countries such as the United States will have strings attached to it’s aid that will force the enacting of laws recognising same sex marriages. Case in point Uganda. The United States and other western countries will want Ghana to impose birth control measures that would limit the population growth of your country and other African countries too. They will try to persuade Ghana to legalize abortions where by the unborn baby is murdered in the womb. In the United States black women aborted 18 million black babies between 1973 and 2005. That would be the entire country of Ghana.


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