04 Oct

The local National Union of Ghana Students, NUGS-KNUST headed by Jefferson John Abdullai has launched an annual Book Fair for students in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. The Book Fair dubbed “3rd Mega Book Fair” is in collaboration with Kingdom Books and Services and has the theme, “Books; The power that awakens our minds for national development.”

Prof. S.I.K. Ampadu, the Provost of the College of Engineering in KNUST who was the Guest Speaker for the launch of the book fair in his speech said a country’s development is dependent on the minds that have been formed and inspired to awaken to do that which is required for development.

He intimated that, “There is no way in which minds can be formed without the use of books. Books therefore become the vehicles that convey the knowledge and skills which are required to train the mind.”

He added that books are a great companion of education and modern education requires books. According to him the decline of reading habits among the youth can be attributed to the electronic devices such as iPods, video games and movies. He also added that the development of a nation depends on books.

“The development of a nation depends on human capital and the human capital cannot be formed unless we have a youth that read and the youth cannot read unless they have books available to them. The power that starts the whole engine for national development is book.

The book fair which started on Tuesday, 4th October 2011 will end on Sunday, 9th October 2011.


Written by: Nabil Ahmed Rufai/Focus Fm/KNUST

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