Kufuor rejects Trasacco residence; deplores ex-gratia delays

18 Oct

Former President John Kufuor has rejected a Trasacco Valley accommodation provided for him by government.

Spokesperson to the ex-president, Frank Agyekum told Joy News his boss was not consulted in any way before the provision was made.

The government is mandated by the constitution to house the ex-president, but that obligation, like the ex-gratia, has not been without controversy.

According to Frank Agyekum, an official from the office of the Chief of Staff brought a letter and a key to the Trasacco Valley residence to the office of the ex-president in an attempt by government to fulfill its constitutional obligation but the letter and the key were both rejected.

The rejection comes only days after ex-president John Rawlings in similar fashion, rejected another Trasacco accommodation government had provided as a temporary residence for him, whose official Ridge residence was razed by fire in February last year.

Mr. Agyekum questioned the procedure adopted by government in providing Mr. Kufuor a befitting residence, explaining, the ex-president has a right to make an input as to where and which residence government will provide for him.

“We got a letter and a set of keys from government saying that they have completed a house at Trasacco and so we could go and take possession of them and we thought that was very unfortunate because if you are putting up a house for him, we thought the least the government could do is to let him have an input to it.”

“Nothing of that sort was made until we just heard that this house has been built and so we should go and pick it up and he has indicated his unwillingness at the way he has been treated in that regard.”

He said they have drawn government’s attention to the unfortunate way the ex-president has been treated.

John Kuffour

Former President John Kuffour

Mr. Agyekum indicated that ex-president John Rawlings under Mr. Kufuor selected the Ridge residence – which was razed down by fire last year – as his preferred choice of accommodation, noting, if at all government will provide Mr. Kufuor with accommodation, he should at least be consulted first before the provision is made.

He also expressed regrets and frustration over the undue delay in paying Mr. Kufuor’s ex-gratia.

According to him, Mr Kufuor has yet to be paid his salary, years after leaving office. Only two four wheel drives were provided with the promise of another two yet to be honoured.

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