06 Jan

As the new year begins we all have different resolutions we yearn to achieve by the end of the year 2012. I wonder how many of us have “Improvement on Sanitation” on our list. Yet we all wish to live in a beautiful environment and always want to see our streets, markets and environments clean at all times for obvious reasons; to reduce diseases such as malaria and cholera which are caused typically by poor sanitation.
As I cast my mind back on events that unfolded in 2011 regarding Sanitation issues; reports that the Sarbah Land fill site in Accra was near to its full capacity, floods that were attributed to poor Sanitation and drainage systems, promises to make Accra a millennium city etc. I ask myself are we really concerned about Sanitation issues? When you walk around town, our drainage systems are choked with rubbish and our waste damping sites are left unattended to. We still see people littering indiscriminately all over. Before we began the new year, the recent floods that hit Accra served as a wake-up call to Government to check Sanitation since it was resolved that poor drainage was one of the major contributing factors to the demise. There were clean-up exercises organised in some parts of Accra and Kumasi. Just visit the places the clean-up exercises were done and you would be amazed by the sight; it is as if those places had never been cleaned before. Do we have to conduct clean-up exercises only when we are hit by floods?
If indeed we all yearn for beautiful things in life, we all need to make Improvement on Sanitation a priority and work in our own small ways to achieve this. Nobody can do it for us, except we who are directly or indirectly affected by the effects of poor Sanitation. Let’s add this to our New Year Resolutions.
By: Nabil Ahmed Rufai/Focus Fm-KNUST

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