21 Jan

Ghana’s rep to Big Brother Africa, Season (Revolution) George Tetteh Wayoe alias Ras Wayo, a past president of unity hall KNUST is now in politics.

According to the Ras wayo, he has received a prophetic calling to join Dr Paa Kwesi Ndoum’s Progressive People’s Party (PPP), as Nduom holds the power to form a new coalition government after the 2012 general elections.

In 2011, the ardent Rastafarian and pan-African cut off his trademark dreadlock in pursuit of his legal profession and termed the act as a ‘renunciation of his vow of a Nazarite’. The renunciation came exactly 7 years after the date he took the vow, and for Ras Wayo he believes that the number 7 is very significant in his life. It is around the number 7 that he again received a new vision on January 7 that would mark the beginning of his political career.

According to Wayoe, he received a prophetic vision that revealed to him that presidential hopeful, Dr Paa Kwasi Nduom would be key in deciding the next government for Ghana in a situation he terms as ‘The 2012 Vote Pendulum’. Ras Wayo claims that in his prophecy, Dr Nduom and his new Progressive People’s Party would win 7% of presidential votes that would test Ghana’s democratic process by forcing a true coalition government.

He said he has absolute faith in the prophecy because opinion polls (built around personalities and not political parties) in 2008 saw Dr Nduom hovering around 7 % and also 7% of the respondents were undecided. Thus Nduom’s exit from the CPP is a blessing in disguise that would see him achieving his 7% in the 2012 elections.

He described Dr Nduom as the only politician in recent times to have been keen on real social development policies, citing the Single-Spin Salary structure and Millennium Challenge Account as examples of policies initiated by Dr Nduom. He says although Dr Nduom will not win the presidential elections, his 7% of votes going into the run-off will give him a bargaining power that will force a coalition between PPP and whichever other political party that would ultimately win the second round of voting.

The coalition in the executive arm of government will see Nduom going into an agreement with the ruling party for 7 cabinet positions for PPP in government. Out of the 7, Ras Wayo said 4 would be women. “This would be the strongest empowerment for women in cabinet position in the history of Ghanaian politics”, he explained.

On the legislative front, Wayoe comments that Dr Nduom’s PPP will win 37 parliamentary seats of which 17 would go to women. He describes the PPP as the third political power that Ghana has been waiting for, saying that this would forge a real coalition government which would not be run on the whims of any single political party. He adds that, this would promote more accountability in governance, reduce corruption and address real social issues that need attention and not politicization.

Wayoe explained that PPP’s MPs will be fresh politicians in various constituencies who are willing to contribute to building their societies but have no on the traditional NPP and NDC tickets. “A new generation of politicians will spring up from PPP and when they occupy the legislative, parliament will test and check the executive to be up and doing. One party cannot hold the state to ransom”

Ras Wayo, who turns 37 this year, believes that all the challenges he has been through in the past 7 years has been to prepare him for his political career. He said the vision he received was for him to be in charge of youth arm of PPP’s campaign, and he will be addressing the youth between the ages of 18-37.

He said PPP would have two campaign teams based on his vision, and he will lead the campaign for the age bracket or workforce that needs attention most. He adds that if Nduom gets the coalition that his vision spells out, it would be the mission of PPP to look at policies concerning the youth.

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