24 Jan

6 students of Olin engineering college, Boston presented a cassava grater which is powered by solar energy to the Technology Consultancy Center of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (TCC), KNUST on Thursday. The team made up of 2 female, 3 male and their professor have been working on the project for close to a year in collaboration with the TCC and some KNUST students under the AFFORDABLE DEVELOPMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP initiative (ADE). The mission of ADE is to educate students to become leaders and address the wellbeing of people living in low income countries through design and entrepreneurship The presentation which took place at the conference room of the TCC was graced by the director of TCC Dr. Obeng (Mechanical engineering department, KNUST), research fellows at TCC and the creativity group of the Electrical engineering department, KNUST. An earlier model of the cassava grater modeled by the team of engineers from Olin college run on a generator powered by fuel. It was deployed in Adumkrom, a farming village near Agogo as a pilot project in August 6 2011. Gari processors in the village initially paid for the grating of their cassava manually which took a whole day to grate just two to three bags. But now with the cassava grater, it takes them just approximately 10 minutes to grate finely a bag of cassava which attests to its higher efficiency. Also the grated cassava comes out in “teeths” just like the ones grater by hand hence still good for gari making and for banku A demonstration of the new model will be powered by solar energy and consist of the solar panel, a battery to store the power, a d.c motor to turn the teeths of the grater. This model will be beneficial to communities that are yet to be connected to the national grid and will help reduce the laborious, time wasting manual means of grating cassava. The battery will enable the grater to be moved from village to village. It will also bring d.c power to the villages for charging their phones and lightning. According to the team, the grater is designed to be portable, simple to maintain by local electricians whom they have trained and targeted at medium scale gari processors. Several suggestions were made by the knust creativity group to further improve the efficiency of the grater. The team is currently working on locally made lip balm from bee wax. By Brian Dzidefo Dzansi (

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