26 Jan

Who are they?

The Centre for Business Development serves as a business/investment think-tank of the university. Its motor is pioneering innovation for sustainable development.

CBD seeks to produce high quality professionals to meet the challenging demands of industry. It further seeks to champion entrepreneurship by producing high caliber graduates who would create employment for themselves and others. The centre collaborates with industrial, commercial and governmental entities with the view to sourcing funds to aid in capacity building. It would also be responsible for strenghteing the relationship between faculty and their respective professional bodies.

What is their Vision?

To globally position knust as the premier centre of excellence for teaching and research in science and technology development in Africa, using innovative business approaches.

Their Mission

  1. To use cutting edge innovative strategy to assist knust to achieve its mission of providing an environment for teaching research and entrepreneurship training in science and technology for the development of Africa.
  2. To assist in producing high caliber graduates with knowledge and expertise to support the industrial and socio-economic development of ghana and Africa using the tools of total quality management (TQM) an customer care among others.


How do they work?

  • Resource raising department

The resource raising department employs innovative and professional ways of widening the funding base of knust. It actively and aggressively builds relationships with new sources of institutional revenue while maintaining relationships with existing sources e.g. alumni, corporate institutions and individuals

  • Industrial relations and internship department

This department seeks to bridge the gap between knust and industry/ seeks to train with industry’s input. Internship in both Ghana and abroad would be promoted among staff and students. Mentoring programmes would also be institutionalized. It will also serve as employment placement unit

  • Entrepreneurship and SME development department

This department develops entrepreneurship training and enterprise development. It builds a strong enterprise culture in students, knust staff and business community of ghana. It is at the forefront in ensuring that Ghana becomes an entrepreneurial nation. It also promotes small and medium scale enterprise research and development

  • Unit for innovations and business excellence

The unit supports initiatives that relate to building capacity. Innovative and entrepreneurial-minded students will work in teams to develop case studies based on concrete issues assigned by client companies

  • Kumasi business incubator

KBI supports the establishment of businesses in the areas where incubates have already acquired some knowledge and skills based on resource in areas where Ghana has comparative international advantage within west Africa.

ICT enabled processes and innovative engineering solutions as well as applied science will be encouraged.

  • Intellectual property office

IP helpdesk provides professional advice and information on specific ip or intellectual property rights related issues.

Services they provide

  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Business incubator
  • Business consulting and  networking
  • Small business promotion and training
  • Industry-university interface
  • Fund raising
  • Employment/internship placement
  • Intellectual property advisory

 Where can you find them on campus?

The centre is located at the old Knust School of business offices within the dean of students block at the commercial area. It has outposts in all six colleges of the university

You can contact them on

Mobile: +233 244925921

Tel/fax: +233 03220.60953




Brian Dzidefo Dzansi


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