16 Mar

Priscilla Asare Debrah, popularly known as PAD, the only female contesting the Student Representative Council (SRC) Treasurer position has been vindicated by the Judicial Committee of the SRC and can now proceed to compete for the seat of the SRC Treasurer.

On March 15, 2012 a hearing was scheduled to consider a petition filed by Priscilla against the Electoral Commission for disqualifying her after a vetting which was held at the Republic Hall on March 9, 2012.

After careful deliberation by a 5 member committee, the Judicial Chairperson who presided over the case, Mr Daniel Birwel, pronounced the decision by the vetting panel to disqualify Miss Priscilla as illegal.

The SRC constitution mandates the vetting panel to recommend or otherwise but not to disqualify a candidate based on performance at the screening.

The JC alluded to a previous case where a committee established that “not recommended” does not mean “disqualification”.

“In a case of S.K. Odame versus the EC, the committee by a 7 member decision ruled that not recommended does not mean disqualification. This committee agrees strongly with the rationale of that judgement and this committee is inclined to grant the order of Miss Priscilla Asare Debrah”.

The JC therefore ruled in favour of PAD to be reinstated to contest in the elections.

“Miss Priscilla Asare Debrah has acted swiftly and should be brought back into the electoral race”, the JC concluded in his verdict.

In an interview, Miss Priscilla Asare Debrah expressed her joy to Focus news and noted that the cries of KNUST students have been heard and justice served.

Meanwhile the Electoral Commissioner, Musa Ziyad has told Focus news that Miss Priscilla Asare Debrah can go ahead with her campaign but new posters will not be printed for the display of aspirants since there was no injunction on the electoral process.

The EC also stated that the other aspirants who were disqualified will not be included in the process unless there are legal grounds to do so.


By David Apinga




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