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A former Vice-Chancellor of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Adarkwa, is calling for greater national attention to quality in vocational and technical training.

Professor Kwasi Kwafo Adarkwa says it is the only way to encourage trainees to establish businesses and employ others. The professor of Planning is worried technical and vocational education continues to be relegated to the background in the face of growing unemployment.

‘All of us stakeholders have a role to play starting from the government. I call for massive infusion of investment resources into the vocational and technical institutions in the country. Look at the classrooms, the laboratory and the workshops, all have to be revitalized and reinvested. As we have now, Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET) and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) can begin to monitor the quality of programs in these institutions,’ he said.

‘With the vocational institutions in the country, I am asking them to re-evaluate their curricula, this way they can become more in tune with the current trend in the job market.’

He urged parents to contribute through the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) by paying attention and providing what is due them.

Professor Adarkwa spoke at the 9th graduation ceremony of Ramseyer Vocational and Training Institute in Kumasi. Eighty-six students graduated in fashion design, catering, and electrical technology, block laying and concreting.

Meanwhile, the 36 year-old Presbyterian school is the only vocational and technical institution selected in the Ashanti Region to run a 4-year course in catering, block laying and concreting for unemployed youth.
The school is due to introduce auto vehicle mechanic, draught-manship and advanced courses to upgrade the skills of trainees as well.



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The Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG) has expressed anger about the failure of government to pay thesis and bursary grant to members of the association and has thus hinted on a nationwide demonstration if the issue is not resolved.

GRASAG said while it is grateful to the government for the 100 percent increase this year, members wish to register their displeasure about the delay in releasing the money.

The thesis and bursary grant is a fund allocated by government to lessen the financial burden of post – graduate students in the country but the association has questioned if the objective is being achieved, as most students struggle to complete their projects due to the recurring delay in the payment of the grant over the years.

At a press conference held at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi on Thursday April 27, the National President of GRASAG, Dr. Samuel Bert Boadi – Kusi noted that GRASAG has engaged in several dialogue and negotiations which have all proved futile and contrary to the assurance by the Minister of State in charge of scholarships at the Office of the President, Hon.  Kwadjo T. Likpalimor, that the payment will be made by Friday April 20, 2012; the monies have still not been released.

He explained that the academic year of the public universities in Ghana ends by May, 2012 and the late arrival of the money hampers the research work undertaken by the students.

“It has a lot of serious implications for the graduate student. Some go to the extent of having to borrow monies in order to collect data from the field. If we are interested in nation building, we need to invest in the graduate student and the quality of research,” Dr. Boadi – Kusi added.

According to the GRASAG President, they have been left with no choice than to speak the only language which government understands.

“GRASAG hereby serves notice of its intended plan of action emanating from an emergency senate meeting as follows:  2nd May 2012, we will have a final press interaction on the matter; 7th May 2012, a demonstration to be staged in Accra which will be entitled “ YABRε DEMONSTRATION”. Until the thesis and bursary grants are paid, we will not relent in our efforts to use every legitimate means at our disposal to get what is due us”.


By David Apinga, Focus FM, KNUST, Kumasi

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The theme permeating all presentations at this year’s ‘Save the Frogs Day’ at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is the need for the protection of endangered amphibian species, some of which are only found in Ghana.

The programme took place on April 28, 2012 and was celebrated simultaneously by 36 countries worldwide.

Organised by Save the Frogs International, a non-governmental organisation, the Vice President, Jonathan Toursan, enunciated that the organisation was founded to solve the global environmental problem of amphibian extinction. He says amphibians are important bio-indicators which need to be protected and cautioned against the use of Atrasine which destroys the existence of frogs.

In a speech about endangered frog species in Ghana, Co-founder and Executive Director of Save the Frogs Ghana, Mr. Gilbert Adum, emphasised the need to protect amphibians especially frogs. He added that, “globally 2000 amphibian species are threatened with extinction and it has been estimated that 32% of Ghana’s amphibians may not survive this century”.

The Ecologist noted that 5 endemic species of frogs are recorded to exist only in Ghana and cautioned against the destruction of the Atiwa Forest which has the Togo Slippery Frog , the closest relative to the largest frog in the world. Save the Frogs Ghana is therefore appealing to government to convert the Atiwa Forest into a national park.

“It is called the Togo Slippery Frog and the largest population in the whole world is found at the Atiwa Hills. Now, they are trying to mine the place for bauxite which will lead to the loss of these frogs. We have collected signatures of over 200 people and will have presentations at the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and Forestry Commission. We want them to understand that, it is important to create Atiwa Forest into a national park,” the Frog expert added.

The Chairman for the Board of Directors, Save the Frogs Ghana, Prof. William Oduro also stated that KNUST has started the movement to protect frogs and their habitat. He says the long term goal is to affect positive change in policies that will be beneficial to the environment and humans. He was however quick to add that the main challenge of the organisation has been with the mindset of some Ghanaians in accepting the importance of frogs and conserving their habitat.

In some parts of the Northern Region, frogs are harvested for food and serves as a source of income to the hunters. As parts of efforts to discourage over harvesting of these frogs, Save the Frogs Ghana is embarking on a bee – keeping training programme to provide alternative livelihood for these people.

The Bee – keeping Trainer for the organisation, Ms Jacqueline Kumadoh, disclosed that the programme has already started in the Northern Region and in Atiwa and will soon be expanded to other areas.


By David Apinga, Focus FM, KNUST, Kumasi


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University teachers call off one-week strike

University teachers call off one-week strike

The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has called off its one-week long strike started last week after the government has promised to pay salary arrears.

The decision was taken after an emergency national executive meeting yesterday.

The teachers withdrew their services a week ago to protest delays in the payment of their ten months salary arrears.

UTAG president Dr. Anthony Simons told Joy News they will resume work Friday because government has demonstrated commitment to meet their needs.

“We’ve learnt that the money has been pushed right to the Bank of Ghana and Kumasi is about to pay, Winneba, they have already prepared their voucher payment and we believe that by…Monday some people will receive their money,” he said.

Dr Simons said given the government’s demonstrated commitment coupled with the incessant appeals from civil society groups, UTAG had decided to call off the strike.

Source: JOY FM


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The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG), has resolved to withdraw teaching services to public universities in the country with effect from March 16, 2012.

This was stated in statement signed by the UTAG national president, Dr. Anthony Simons, copied to Ghana News Agency (GNA) on Thursday.

It said until Government pays all arrears and the January 2012 salary difference due the Academic Senior Members of the public universities, UTAG would withdraw teaching services.

The statement noted that; “At an emergency National Executives Committee (NEC) meeting held on February 29, 2012, at the University of Ghana, Legon, UTAG noted with dismay the failure of Government to meet the 7th and 9th February, 2012 deadlines for the payment of the Single Spine Salary arrears of the Academic Senior Members of public universities.

It said in spite of this, the NEC was magnanimous to extend the deadline for the payment to March 15, 2012 but unfortunately Government failed to meet the deadline. GNA

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Govt approves 20% increase in National Service allowance

Govt approves 20% increase in National Service allowance

The Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning has approved a 20% increase in the national service allowance for the 2011/2012 service personnelin the country.

This was revealed by Mr. Ebenezer Edzii, the Greater Accra Regional Director of the national service scheme at the second General Meeting of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) branch of the Tema metropolis.

The 20% increase was announced by Mr. Vincent Kuagbenu, Executive director of the National Service Scheme in September last year during the release of the 2011/2012 postings.

The payment of the new allowances, according to Mr.Edzii, will, however, take full effect after a communication from the Accountant’s General has formally informed all regional directors on the increase.

Currently, service personnel are receivinga non-taxable allowance of GHc202.90 a month and the 20% increase is expected to leap the allowance to GHc243.48.

The regional director also advised the service personnel to work hard and adopt positive working ethics to help achieve the vision of their respective organisations or companies they are engaged in.

Mr. Samuel A. Ankomah, the Metro director of the scheme,hinted thatplans are far advanced to organise series of seminars for the service personnel to enhance their employment capacities. He also advised the personnel to strike a good working relationship with their supervisors or managers adding that this may help them to secure employment at the end of their service period.

The president of Tema Metro NASPA, Mr. Eric P. Oforidisclosed that a tourat the Manhyean SDA primary school in the metropolis showed that the roof of the school building has been ripped off. This situation, according to the president, has forced the school children to studyin the open.

Dilating further, Mr.Oforisaid the association is determined to source funds fromcompanies in the metropolis to re-roof the school building to alleviate the plight of the school children.

According to the president, an amount of GHc20, 000 will be need for the project.

The financial secretary of Tema Metro NASPA,Mr. Richard Darko, in a budget statement, promised his colleagues of the executive preparedness to initiate and implement policies aimed at building their employment capacities urging them to work hard to project the image of the Tema metropolis.


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Last year, the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) was surrounded by a lot of controversy regarding who the legitimate President of NUGS was. There were two factions claiming Presidency of NUGS; Hamza Suhuyini and Anthony Abotsi Afriyie. Hamza Suhuyini paraded himself as the President of NUGS for a while and was given all the media attention when issues bothering the student front was to be discussed. Then Anthony Abotsi Afriyie also surfaced claiming he is the President of NUGS and that the case of who is the legitimate President of NUGS is still pending in court. The impasse in NUGS quietened for awhile then it was time to elect a new President for NUGS so the Hamza Suhuyini faction had a congress and elected Osman Ayariga as President. The other faction led by Anthony Abotsi Afriyie also had a congress and elected Peter Kwasi Kodjie as President.

To some of us who were following this situation in the NUGS, we were of the view that the situation had been resolved. Over the weekend, Peter Kwasi Kodjie, President of NUGS and Nana Abrakwah, Treasure were interviewed on Leadership Corner on Focus Fm by the host of the program, Bernard Buachi. According to Peter Kwasi Kodjie, there are still wrangles within NUGS regarding who the Legitimate President was. He added that efforts have been made from his faction to settle this wrangle by inviting the other faction led by the President Osman Ayariga and proposing a way of settling the issue but the proposal was declined by Osman Ayariga. As it stands now there are two students parading themselves as Presidents of NUGS; Osman Ayariga and Peter Kwasi Kodjie. Why have the student body and alumni of NUGS been silent on this matter? Doesn’t this situation in NUGS affect us in one way or the other? According to Peter Kwasi Kodjie, the current situation is beyond the control of students and therefore needs the intervention of the alumni of NUGS. He says the attitude where some SRC Presidents as well as students show solidarity and attend Congresses of both factions to elect NUGS executives is quiet unfortunate. Hence it would be entirely difficult for students to solve this situation on their own. When asked if he would step down for Osman Ayariga to be the President of NUGS, he stated that it would be unfortunate to allow incompetent people to lead NUGS.

When the Treasurer, Nana Abrokwah was asked about the financial situation of NUGS, he disclosed that NUGS is currently operating two separate accounts by the two factions of NUGS. He added that the situation is rather unfortunate since some Universities pay the dues to one particular faction they are inclined to.

By Nabil Ahmed Rufai


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